Baltimore Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Baltimore pedestrian accident lawyer

Walking should be one of the safest forms of transportation. Yet, countless individuals face hazards while navigating Baltimore's streets as pedestrians. Some Baltimore pedestrian accidents are due to reckless drivers who neglect their duty to share the road responsibly. At Zaveri Law Firm, we're committed to advocating for pedestrian accident victims and ensuring they get the justice they deserve.

Our expertise has led to the successful representation of many pedestrians injured in collisions with motor vehicles. Through diligent work, we've helped victims receive damages for medical bills, lost pay, and pain and suffering. We understand pedestrian traffic laws and the car accidents that happen when violated.

Contact our Baltimore pedestrian accident attorney to discuss a pedestrian accident lawsuit with our team.

Our Baltimore Pedestrian Accident Lawyer Will Help You With Your Case

Our Baltimore pedestrian accident lawyer will help you with your case

A. Initial Consultation

Upon reaching out to Zaveri Law Firm, the first step is an initial consultation. This meeting allows us to understand the specifics of your case. It's vital to be transparent during this process, providing all pertinent details. Our Baltimore pedestrian accident lawyers will then assess the strength of your claim and discuss potential outcomes.

B. Investigation and Evidence Gathering

After our consultation, we conducted a thorough investigation of the accident scene. We may collaborate with experts to recreate the scene, gather CCTV footage, and interview witnesses. Proper evidence collection can make a significant difference in substantiating your claim. This includes medical records that substantiate your pedestrian injuries.

C. Negotiating with Insurance Companies

Insurance companies, unfortunately, often prioritize their profits over victims' well-being. They might attempt to offer you a settlement far below what's fair. With our firm on your side, we'll negotiate aggressively. Our aim is always to get the most favorable compensation possible for our clients.

D. Filing a Lawsuit

We're prepared to file a lawsuit if negotiations don't yield a satisfactory outcome. This formal process begins with drafting a complaint detailing the defendant's negligence and its impact on you. We'll represent you diligently throughout the legal proceedings, ensuring your interests are at the forefront.

E. Trial Representation

Sometimes, a case may proceed to trial. When this occurs, rest assured that our experienced trial lawyers will stand by your side. We'll present your case compellingly before the jury, emphasizing the negligence of the opposing party and the repercussions you've endured.

Maryland Traffic Laws

Traffic laws in Maryland are designed to keep drivers and pedestrians safe. However, with the bustling streets of Baltimore, adhering to these laws becomes even more paramount. For drivers, this means being vigilant and aware of pedestrians, especially in zones marked for walking. Pedestrians, on the other hand, must be cautious, even when they have the right of way.

Traffic Laws That Apply to Motorists

Drivers in Baltimore are legally obligated to follow traffic signals and signs. This means yielding to pedestrians at crosswalks and stopping for school buses. Turning vehicles must also give way to pedestrians who are lawfully in the intersection. In addition, Maryland law prohibits overtaking or passing cars that are stopped for pedestrians.

Traffic Laws That Apply to Pedestrians

Pedestrians, too, have their set of guidelines. While they generally have the right of way at marked crosswalks, they must also obey traffic signals. Pedestrians should yield to vehicles when crossing at places other than marked crosswalks. It's essential to always use sidewalks where provided. If none exist, pedestrians should walk on the left side of the road. They should face oncoming cars.

Pedestrian Accident Statistics in Baltimore

Baltimore has witnessed a significant number of pedestrian accidents over the years. Statistics indicate that Maryland has 3,000 pedestrian accidents per year. This includes about 125 deaths annually. Disturbingly, a substantial percentage of these incidents are hit-and-run cases, further complicating the path to justice for victims.

Despite various road safety campaigns, pedestrian accidents remain a concern in Baltimore. Factors like distracted driving, speeding, and failure to yield contribute heavily to these statistics. Efforts to educate both drivers and pedestrians on road safety are ongoing, aiming to decrease these alarming numbers.

Common Causes of Pedestrian Accidents

Common causes of pedestrian accidents

Several factors contribute to the high rate of pedestrian accidents in Baltimore. Some of these are directly related to driver negligence, while others arise from environmental conditions or pedestrian behavior.

Distracted Driving

The advent of smartphones has significantly increased instances of distracted driving. Despite knowing the dangers, many drivers still text or check their phones while driving. These few seconds of distraction can have catastrophic results, especially for pedestrians who have minimal protection compared to vehicle occupants.


Speeding is a prominent cause of traffic accidents. This includes pedestrians. Furthermore, the impact force during a collision is much greater at high speeds, increasing the severity of injuries for the victim.

Drunk Driving

Alcohol impairs a driver's ability to make sound judgments and slows reaction times. Drunk drivers often struggle with coordination, and their vision may be blurred. Such conditions make it significantly challenging for them to notice pedestrians or react in time to avoid a collision.

Failure to Yield

In many pedestrian accidents, drivers fail to yield the right of way. This often happens at intersections or when vehicles are turning. Despite pedestrians having the right of way in many situations, it's crucial for them to remain vigilant, as not all drivers observe these rules.

Impaired Driving

Apart from alcohol, various other substances can make it hard to drive safely. Drugs, whether prescription, over-the-counter, or illegal, can affect judgment, coordination, and reaction times. Driving under the influence of these substances increases the risk of accidents, often with devastating consequences for pedestrians.

Common Injuries in Pedestrian Accidents

Common injuries in pedestrian accidents

When pedestrians are involved in accidents, the outcomes can be particularly severe. Unlike motorists, pedestrians lack the protection of a vehicle's structure.

  • Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI): A sudden blow or jolt to the head can result in TBI. Symptoms range from mild concussions to severe cognitive impairments.
  • Fractures: The force of an impact can break bones, with legs and arms being particularly susceptible.
  • Spinal Cord Injuries: A spinal cord damage can cause partial or complete paralysis.
  • Internal Injuries: A significant car accident can lead to internal bleeding or damage to vital organs.
  • Lacerations and Bruises: These might seem minor, but they can lead to severe infections if not treated correctly.
  • Emotional Trauma: The mental and emotional scars left by an accident can be as debilitating as physical injuries.
  • Fatal Injuries: In the worst cases, accidents can result in the tragic loss of life.

It's essential to understand that even seemingly minor injuries can lead to long-term health problems. Always seek medical attention after an accident, no matter how fine you feel.

Proving Fault for Your Pedestrian Accident in Baltimore

In many cases, it's the driver who is negligent, but sometimes pedestrians may also share some responsibility. A thorough investigation, backed by evidence, is crucial in establishing liability.

Eyewitness accounts, CCTV footage, and expert testimonies can be instrumental in proving fault. Count on us to build a strong case on your behalf.

The Legal Process for Pedestrian Accident Claims

The legal process for pedestrian accident claims

A. Filing a Personal Injury Claim

Once you decide to pursue legal action, you need to file a personal injury claim. This involves documenting the details of the accident and the injuries sustained. Properly drafted claims provide a foundation for the legal proceedings that follow.

B. Investigating the Accident

A thorough investigation is essential to establish fault. This may involve visiting the accident scene, gathering evidence, interviewing witnesses, and consulting with experts. The collected evidence will form the crux of your case.

C. Negotiating a Settlement

Before a lawsuit is filed, there's often an opportunity to negotiate a settlement with the opposing party's insurance company. With compelling evidence and a solid legal argument, many cases are settled without going to trial.

D. Going to Trial if Necessary

The case may proceed to trial if a fair settlement can't be reached. During the trial, both sides present their cases. It is up to a judge or jury to decide the outcome.

Negotiating With The Insurance Company

The insurance company's main priority is its bottom line. They might attempt to offer you a settlement below what you deserve. With Zaveri Law Firm representing you, we'll ensure your interests are front and center during negotiations. Our experienced lawyers know insurance companies' tactics and will fight tirelessly to ensure you get a fair deal.

Statute of Limitations on a Baltimore Pedestrian Accident Injury Claim

In Baltimore, victims typically have three years from the date of the accident to commence a personal injury lawsuit. This statute of limitations is crucial; you may lose your right to pursue compensation if you miss this window. However, certain exceptions may apply, especially if the victim is a minor. Always consult a lawyer to understand your rights and any deadlines that may apply to your situation.

Compensation in Pedestrian Accident Cases

Compensation in pedestrian accident case

When injured in a pedestrian accident, the road to recovery can be long and challenging. It's not just about medical bills; there's the loss of income, pain, suffering, and emotional trauma to consider.

Medical Expenses Coverage

The immediate aftermath of an accident often involves medical attention. Medical expenses can skyrocket from emergency room visits to extended hospital stays, surgeries, medications, and therapies. Victims are entitled to compensation for these costs, including any future medical treatments stemming from the accident.

Lost Wages and Future Earning Potential

Accidents can prevent victims from returning to work, either temporarily or permanently. Lost wages can strain a family's finances. Compensation can cover these lost earnings and even potential future earnings if the injury affects one's ability to work in the long term.

Punitive Damages

In cases where the defendant's behavior is deemed particularly egregious or reckless, punitive damages may be awarded. These are meant to punish the entity at fault and deter similar conduct in the future.

Wrongful Death Claims

Tragically, some pedestrian accidents result in fatalities. In such cases, the deceased's family can file a wrongful death claim. This seeks compensation for funeral expenses, loss of companionship, lost future income, and the emotional pain and suffering of the bereaved.

Schedule an Initial Consultation With Our Baltimore Pedestrian Accident Lawyer at Zaveri Law Firm Today

Schedule an initial consultation with our Baltimore pedestrian accident lawyer

While we can't undo the past, at Zaveri Law Firm, we are committed to making your path to recovery smoother. With experience, expertise, and dedication, we'll stand by you every step of the way.

Your well-being is our primary concern. If you or a loved one has been involved in a pedestrian accident, don't delay. Reach out to us today for a comprehensive legal consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to settle a pedestrian accident case in Baltimore?

The duration varies based on the case's complexity and the willingness of both parties to negotiate. While some cases settle quickly, others, especially those going to trial, might take months or even years.

Do I need a lawyer if the insurance company offers a settlement?

While it's not legally mandatory, it's advisable. Insurance companies often try to minimize payouts.

What if the accident was partly my fault?

Maryland follows a contributory negligence rule. This means if you're even 1% at fault, you might not be eligible for compensation. However, every case is unique, so call us to discuss your case.

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